How to Avoid the Freshman 15

As you enter college, many students lose out on the home cooking they’ve come to know. Additionally, no one is monitoring what they eat, making it much easier to eat junk food. Metabolisms also begin to slow as you age out of your teens and into your twenties. All of these combined help create the… Continue reading How to Avoid the Freshman 15

College Wardrobe Essentials

When you've never been to college before, it can be daunting to figure out what clothes you will need. While everyone has a different sense of style, here's my recommendations on the clothing items every college girl should have in their wardrobe. (disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links from which I earn a small… Continue reading College Wardrobe Essentials

Budgeting as a College Student

When it comes to handling personal finances, most college students just bumble their way along and hope for the best. But this practice is so detrimental. It's so much better to start learning how to handle your money when you're in college, often before you have too many bills to pay. Additionally, future you will… Continue reading Budgeting as a College Student

How to Make Money Shopping

When people think about saving money when shopping or sticking to a budget, they never truly think about how they can MAKE money buying their groceries. As a college student who's trying to not go broke grocery shopping, here are the tips and ways I found to not only save money on groceries but to… Continue reading How to Make Money Shopping

How To Survive 8ams in College

Oh the dreaded 8 am class, the bane of the college student's existence. Unfortunately, the likelihood that any student will make it through college without ever experiencing an 8 am is slim. While most 8 ams are taken by freshmen as they schedule last, occasionally required classes will only be offered at this time and… Continue reading How To Survive 8ams in College